Weddings, Christenings and Funerals

We look forward to sharing these occasions with you – we are here to help you celebrate your marriage, welcome a child or say goodbye to a loved one.


Our wedding at the church was just perfect. Alan always seems to make the services informative and up-beat and that was the same for our big day! Everything from the flowers to the choir was perfect and I would also like to say a big thank you to Rose the organist who managed to play a special song for us when leaving the church as a married couple.

Absolutely perfect wedding service at St Matthew's Stretton. Our vicar was lighthearted and funny as well as very professional. The service was just the right length and we are very grateful to the choir, bell ringers, vicar and anyone else involved who helped everything run so smoothly. Also it's worth mentioning that we had many wedding guests tell us that it was the best church wedding service they had ever been to. Thoroughly enjoyed by all. Thank you

Perfect in every way! Thank you x

The Church of England has made it much easier to get married in a church that means something to you, even if you don’t currently live in the parish. But there are still certain legal aspects to a marriage that have to be taken into account before we can make any arrangements. You can find out more from the YourChurchWedding website.
Some things we will need to talk about:

  • Do you live in the parish, or do you have any other connections with the church or parish?
  • Has either of you been married before?
  • Are you both British Citizens, living in England?

If you want to think about hymns for the service, here’s a list of suggestions – Hymns for Weddings .

If you choose to have a civil ceremony, we are happy to arrange a blessing of your marriage; we can also arrange a thanksgiving service to help you celebrate an anniversary, for example.


(The vicar calls them ‘baptisms’ but everyone else says ‘christenings’!)
If you don’t live in our parish, we will ask you to make contact with the vicar of the parish where you do live, to see if they are happy for the service to take place here.
The baptism can take place during a main service (at 10:30AM) or after the morning service (about 12:15PM – the exact start time will depend on what has gone before). We will do our best to find a date to suit you, but not all dates are available and some may already be booked.
To book a baptism, please ring the vicarage (01925 730276), ideally on a Wednesday as that is when our administrator is here. Please don’t make any other arrangements (e.g. booking a party venue!) until we have confirmed the date with you.


Did you know you can start to make arrangements for your own funeral, ahead of time? If you want to talk about this, please get in touch.
To arrange the funeral of a loved one, you will probably want to engage the services of a funeral director. They will then make the arrangements with us. We are happy to take services at the crematorium if you do not want a church service.


For enquiries, please contact the vicarage on (01925) 730276.

You can find out more about weddings, christenings and funerals from the Church of England by clicking here.