£982,95 raised from the tree festival 2018 has been donated to sightsavers

Thank you for saving sight and changing lives
We were really thrilled to receive the fantastic donation of £982,95 from members of St Matthew's Church. lt's already helping to save people's sight and support pioneering eyehealth programmes - including our work in India to give vulnerable truck drivers like Sandeep the eye care they need.
Sandeep spends around 14 hours a day on the road to earn money for his family. lt's a tough, tiring life, and it became extremely dangerous when he developed eye problems.
Sandeep was worried he'd lose his job. But, like most long-distance truck drivers in lndia, his relentless schedule made getting eye care almost impossible.

Thanks to caring people like you, we've taken huge steps to improve things. ln 2014, we started our National Truckers Eye Health Programme. lt takes eye care services directly to the drivers, by providing screening stations along their main haulage routes. The drivers can have their eyes tested, receive glasses and be referred for further treatment if they need it, all for free. This has made a huge difference to Sandeep. After having his eyes tested, he was prescribed with new glasses to improve his sight, so he can keep his job and continue to support his family. Sandeep is one of 59,000 truckers who used the service last year alone - proof that it's desperately needed. We're aiming to reach 500,000 drivers by the end of 2020, and your gift brings us another step closer. Thanks to you, we can help more people like Sandeep to see clearly, drive safely and continue looking after their families.
Today, there are 36 million blind people in the world, yet 75% of all blindness can be prevented or cured. With your amazing support we'll go on working to restore sight, fight blinding diseases and enable those with disabilities to live independently and with dignity. hope you're very proud of what you're helping to achieve, because it truly is life-changing.

Thank you again and kind regards,

Becki Jupp

Global Director of Fundraising

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